Camper Trailers NSW

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What is a Camper Trailer?

Camper Trailers combine all the best features of a Tent, Trailer and Caravan. Fun, easy-to-manage and very safe – they offer a very cool camping experience.

A modern and attractive package, they are a cinch to set-up, towable by most cars, and easily stored. They will accommodate the whole family, while offering plenty of space to stow all your gear.

Camping in and around NSW

With a Camper Trailer in tow, you have the license to explore the length and breadth of NSW. Hit the road to take it all in, from rugged mountain landscapes to golden beaches, from the vast sunburnt beauty of the outback to the lush tropical hinterland of the north-coast.

Very robust, a Camper Trailer is easy to handle whether you’re cruising down the highway or off-roading – your only problem will be deciding on your destination!

Why not take the family on a camper trailer odyssey to the north or south of Sydney, losing yourself in the natural beauty that defines the east-coast of Australia.

Whether you opt to pitch camp in the midst of gorgeous National Park or at a secluded cove with untouched sands at your doorstep, you’ll be staying in comfort.

And camping parks are on hand to put you close to any number of vibrant coastal communities, letting you tap into the relaxed holiday spirit of places like Port Macquarie, Bryon Bay or Port Stephens.

For something different, head off on an inland voyage to the Snowy Mountains, to enjoy the abundant outdoor activities on offer in this spectacular region. Or go west, over the Great Dividing Range, discovering the wide plains of western NSW, then onwards to experience the stark majesty of the landscape around Broken Hill.

Meanwhile, if you’re after the perfect romantic retreat, why not take yourself and a loved-one into the Blue Mountains, setting yourself up in a beautiful spot to savour the fresh air and a spectacular vista spread out in front of you. Or you could put up the tent amidst the tranquil rural splendour of the Hunter Valley, sitting back under the canvas to enjoy one of the many fine local vintages.

Whatever your choice, whichever road you choose to take, make sure you hitch up a camper trailer for the ultimate camping getaway.

Kanopy Kamper

Kanopy Kamper

Kanopy Kamper


Dingo – hard floor

Dingo – hard floor

hard floor camper


Ranger – Heavy Duty Off Road Camper

Ranger – Heavy Duty Off Road Camper

Complete with 9' Kwik erect tent and annex